Yoga/ Massage Sessions



  • I come to a location of your choice with all necessary material. All that is necessary is a quiet space of at least 2 x 3 meters for a yoga session for one person + 1,50 x 2 metres for each additional person. For massage only, a space of 2 x 2 meters for the massage table.
  • Then… relax and enjoy!

YOGA or MASSAGE or BOTH ! sessions for Individuals, Small Groups or  Couples 

Yoga adapted to you 

I can come to your location or you can come to a location I provide. We can have a first contact online or through a phone call to discuss your personal request. I will then adapt a yoga session according to your needs. I will also leave you with a personal sequence to practice on your own if so desired.

Therapeutic custom Massageshoulder-pain-massage-1000x670

Our bodies need to be touched. As children we are constantly in need of touch as our skin is one of the biggest senses to receive information. As adults we are less and less touchy and depend on our significative other to nourish our needs.

My massage technique is a mix between therapeutic touch massage, deep tissue and energetic healing.

Each client is different and each massage is different, you may need a warm, caring loving massage that gives the nurturing that your cells need, or you may need a deep penetrating massage that releases deep tensions and blockages.

By using my hands as energetic bridges, I help recreate connection between the body and the mind and bring consciousness into the areas of the body that are lacking it.

Through massage, the skin and the muscles respond to the energy transmitted through the hands. Where the hands are placed, the cells open, the muscles relax and subconsciously one lets go.Through therapeutic custom massage, your body relays information about tensions and areas that need attention and my hands become receptors responding to the needs of your body. 

Offering oneself, friend or loved one a custom massage is offering a privileged moment for relaxation, well being and self care. 

Access Consciousness Sessions (60 min.)

Access consciousness is a technique that helps release deep subconscious blockages and points of view that we have installed in our subconscious memory from events in our lives, our parents or DNA or even past lives.

By placing my hands on 32 different points of the head, I stimulate electromagnetic connection between the points, that are related to different themes in life where we have developed points of view. (ex. money, power, sexuality, joy, peace, consciousness, etc…)

I use energetic clearing statements that are channeled through me when I touch the client. These clearing statements help to energetically uncreate the seed of limited points of view that keep the client from manifesting what they would like in their life.

When one comes out of the session, at worst they feel extremely relaxed, at best it may change their whole life. Generally people feel lighter after the session, during the next few days things seem to “flow” and often the right connection, situation just “by chance” seems to come into place.



Couple Yoga

Doing yoga together is a special moment to cherish your couple. Relax and breath together, help each other stretch, connect with yourself and with your partner.

Yoga and Massage Sessions are offered in your home, guest house, hotel or other location.


You may contact me to check availabilities and fees by phone (in France) 0686916736 or by email (in USA)
You may also pay by check, bank transfer or cash, please contact me for details

(in France) From my home in Saint Méard de Gurcon (24610) the first 15km are free, for more than 15km please calculate 0,30 cents/km each direction (I can calculate that for you if it simpler!)


individual, small group or couple : 90 minutes yoga lesson (includes a 15 mins. online consultation beforehand  and a personal program adapted for you)

Yoga + Massage

individual : 45 mins. yoga + 45 mins massage

1 hour yoga + 1 hour massage


1 hour yoga + 30 mins. massage each (total 2 hours)


individual : 75 mins

3 sessions of 75 mins :

couple : 1 hour massage each (total 2 hours) =