Thank you for clicking, when you choose you, you learn to listen to your body, your mind, and your emotions. The offerings below are ways for you to reconnect to your true nature. Connecting to nature and your body go hand in hand. Recognizing the bio system within us and the delicate balance needed to keep all our systems healthy allow us to embrace that perfect being that is YOU. Once you’re connected to YOU, everything and everyone else magically seems to connect too…



Dynamic, movement meditation, relaxation, breath. 

In a magical setting on an outdoor panoramic wooden deck.  (Bolinas)


Deep Tissue healing massage

 intuitive, deep touch, tension release, reconnection, self care

Your massage can be received indoors or outdoors. (Bolinas, Marin and SF)

Energy Healing Access Bars ®

energy flow, subconscious blockage release, balancing, lightness generating, opening

(Bolinas, Marin and SF)


Nature play experience

silent walking, sensorial nature contact, group games, clownish play, and wildness exploration.

Discover our deep relationship to nature through embodied, sensorial experiences.
Half day group outings
3 hours morning or afternoon near Bolinas
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