About Carly


Carly Ko is a Hatha Yoga licensed teacher, massage therapist and energy worker, world traveller, movement and expressive arts therapist, actress, model, mother, nature lover and a wild hearted woman who loves people, life and adventure !


It’s a long road and a short one.

From a young age I began my search for meaning and connection.

From an abused childhood, being chronically shy, and a complete lack of self confidence. I began the process of knowing myself, gaining confidence, finding my connection, and exploring the world.

I spent over 20 years travelling between Europe and other countries, delving into street performing, modelling, acting, circus, meditation, yoga, dance, movement therapy, singing, massage and healing.

Self discovery and finally through all the self therapy, helped me begin to create empathy and connection with others.

My 8 year old son has also been my great teacher.

The more I discovered of myself and others, the more I trusted my intuition and my inner guidance.

After 20 years in Europe, I have come back to the place of my childhood, the USA.

I am currently living between Bordeaux, France and Bolinas, CA where the nature makes me smile every day I wake up.


Performance website :


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 02.17.36 facebook.com/carlyko

Studies :

International school of performing arts, Paris (AIDAS),

Painting with Edgar Saillen

Contemporary dance, Paris & Brussels  (Micadanse, Menagerie de Verre)

Corporeal mime (Théâtre du Mouvement).

Yoga :

Iyengar (120 hours) Yog-ganga in Rajpur, India),  Ashtanga (Ashtanga Yoga Paris), Bikram (Bikram yoga mesa) and Kundalini.  Hatha Yoga (200 hours) in Sedona, AZ (7 centers yoga center). meditation retreat Vipassana , Belgium

Movement therapy :

Tamalpa Life Art Process, (500 hours) healing through movement, expressive arts, writing, drawing and NVC (non- violent communication) in France and in San Francisco, USA.

Massage and Energy Healing :

Access Bars ®, Bordeaux

Therapeutic Touch, Bordeaux