What is yoga dance nature ?

Every element in our body is found in nature.                                                                  We are nature.                                                                                                                         When we learn to connect with nature, we connect with ourselves.

Yoga dance nature is a method for self awareness and healing through release techniques, inspired movement and re-connection with nature.

Yoga dance nature is for people who are interested in deepening their movement, yoga, physical and spiritual practice. They are nature-minded and on a path towards heightened consciousness and self- awareness. 


I love being in nature. I love trees, plants, water, wind, sun, sky and moon. Do you ? I love being in movement, I love learning about myself and the world around me. What if I could dance nature ? How would that feel ?


Did you know that your body is the encyclopedia of your entire life and even before ? Did you know that the little problems we could be having with life, relationships, money, stress, etc.. could be written in your sub-conscious cellular memory ? Your body shape, tensions and pains are all signs that your body communicates. Let’s learn how to listen and work with the body we have, not against it !


Yoga – or rather KO-YOGA teaches one to not do yoga postures ! But rather use the postures to release into your own perfect posture that your body needs. Every body is different and not all yoga postures are good for you. (see KO-YOGA description)

Dance – is simply a way to say inspired movement. Your body has needs and your body knows what movements feel right or are needed to allow subconcious blockages to arise and to transform. You will be given tools to let your natural dance come through.

Nature – is the foundation that makes us and with whom we are in constant relation. How does nature affect me ? How do I affect nature ? How can I feel the strength and roots of a tree in me? How can I feel the fluidity and the transformational quality of water in me ? How can the breeze be felt in my breath and through the pores of my skin ? How can I wake up the animal instinct that is in me ? Nature is a healer as we are our own healers, we just need some tools to do it.

Yoga dance nature offers workshop experiences and retreats around the world in beautiful natural settings.

You will learn to release instead of stretch and move into the dance that your body needs. Nature will be our resource to explore, nurture and bring out the beauty of your own true Nature.

Discover your beauty in nature