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Dance your life! 

Movement inspired by life themes, creative expression and non-violent communication classesdanse-ta-vie-photo-web

Saint Méard de Gurçon, (salle de fêtes) 24610, Dordogne

Wednesdays from 9h30 -11h30img_4277


free trial class

one session – 14 euros

trimester – 12 euros per session (based on registration date)

yearly – 320 euros (10 euros per session x 32) ( (based on registration date)

association membership – 5 euros

Class material – drawing pad 50 x 65 cm and oil pastels – 20 euros



Villefranche de Lonchat (Salle de fêtes) 24610, Dordogne

Tuesdays from  10h -11h30


trial class – 5 euros

single class – 12 euros

trimester – 9 euro per class (based on registration date)

yearly – 288 euros (8 euros per class) (based on registration date) possibility to pay with 3 checks


Sainte Terre (semi-private open class) 33300, Gironde

Tuesdays  12h15 -13h30

Prices :

Trial class –  10 euros

trimester – 12 euros per class (based on registration date)


Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens, (Foyer communal)  33330, Gironde

With the association Ad Astra

Wednesdays 18h30 -20h00

Prices :

free trial class

yearly – 200 euros (10 checks of 20 euros)



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