« Carly is a wonderfully instinctive massage therapist! She connects gently yet deeply with my body, ‘listening’ with her hands and letting them guide her to the points that need the most attention. She uses a variety of techniques – different pressures and movements and, sometimes, sounds – to help liberate parts of my body that have become stuck from the daily build-up of pain due to my Lyme disease. My only regret is that her massages have to come to an end! » Ruth Bentley

Translated from French :

« The session that you gave me on Friday was really super, thank you because it freed me from a lot of doubts and tensions that I had based on a decision that I need to take this work concerning my current employment, thank you because now I listen to my heart with full consciousness. » Patrick 

« The massage that I received from Carly was a delicious moment of wellbeing and discovery. Her hands found the area of my body that needed attention and without understanding how, I felt new spaces being created in me, as if she unlocked the knots and freed the blocked energy. I felt as if she gave of her whole being, a sensation of release, of deep listening and a desire to do what was right and good for me.  On a vibrational level I felt deep and intense sensations. At the end of the massage I felt more calm, open and joyful, even though I wasn’t feeling well when I arrived. I am also one of Carly’s yoga students, in my eyes and in my heart, she is a magnificent and beneficial person, I have an infinite recognition for her. Thank you Carly!  » Charlene Elkenz

« Carly’s intuitive massage is a connection to the deep sacred. Her hands listen, search and untie knots. She doesn’t follow the protocol and allows the intuitive magic of her intuition to guide her jests. As a therapist in therapeutic conscious touch, it is wonderful to be able to allow oneself to be touched in the co-consciousness of where I am in my own practice. » Karine Maurer

« After a breakup, I shut myself up with a heavy heart, then after a session of yoga and massage with Carly, I feel better. I would like to finally pick myself up and move forward. I don’t have any more tension in my shoulders and cervical spine, I invite you to consult her, because it does an enormous amount of good!  » Fred Lobit

« Carly’s massage was really pleasurable. Sweetness, listening, delicacy … she is guided by her intuitional sense, goes straight to tensions, and effectively works out the knots … I plunged into a great relaxation, Thank you! » Olivier Bourdens 

Said about Carly : (translated from French)

« Many people are searching but few take count of global action. This constant questioning and your permanent quest, your sobriety in life, way of consuming, way of nourishing yourself, healing yourself, and of course your spirituality, this is what we love in you. We appreciate your teaching in your classes, the way that you share, your energy and your authenticity. » Valérie et Gilles Cellard

 » There is a great softness in your gaze and in your smile, so much depth that make me forget that the world of men can be cruel, in my opinion you are part of one of those rare beings that are profoundly kind and generous, your simple presence heals the heart…  » Patrice Manoevrier

« It’s the way that you are able to “feel out” people. To put the right people together. In various levels, pedagogical, personal, human and karmic and energetic, you were a connecter and blender of worlds, a weaver of destinies and the dice ws already there. All the was left to do was to fill life with spontaneity and life’s smile and the result was great.  »  Tâm Nguyen-minh

« What I like about you, you are creative. You have capacity to create, imagine, invent, often in connection with others. By the end, I would say, you use your creativity to transform the world » Nora Kleinbub