South West France

South West France — May 4 -9 2017

Reserve now  $500 non- refundable deposit/ 465 euros

Visit south west france with the yoga attitude. Apreciate the beauty of nature, the river, the vineyards and the small villages.

You will be accomodated in a beautiful manor near Saint Emilion, known for it’s world famous wines. Afternoons are available for quiet time in nature or organised outings to France’s best loved outdoor market, and organic wine making estate, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux and mindfullness day at the Bhoudist monastery at the Plum Village.

We will be learning release techniques through KO-YOGA an original approach to yoga which is about awareness, listening to the body and never forcing or pushing against it. In order to transform or change, we must be completely in the acceptance of what is now.

Dance in nature – we will go into the magnificent nature of the Dordogne area and connect with ourselves as we learn to listen and be the nature we are.

Your dance will be your own personal dance, movements and gestures that have a personal significance to you and that have the power to access deep emotions, images and subconscious blockages which keep you from evolving. I will give you the tools to enter into your dance.

You will move with nature, becoming water, sky and trees as you allow their energies to pass through you and materialise through your movement.

You will also learn effective communication to put into words your experiences which help you to become more aware of yourself and thus more authentic with you and how you relate to the world.

We will practice in the morning and evening, leaving free afternoon time for personal enjoyment in the beautiful French countryside.

I also offer personal one on one consultations and healing sessions which can be reserved once you’re there or beforehand. (50 euros for a 45 minute session) (This includes a personal yoga/movement formula created for you based on your current situation)


7am – 9am breakfast on your own schedule

9am – 1pm  yoga and dance in nature and in studio

1pm – 3pm Lunch and rest

3pm – 7pm outings or personal time

7pm dinner

Outings : (the days of the outings will be programmed at a further date based on weather)

Saint Emilion – one of the most famous and most luxurious denominations of wine making is from this beautiful little town. This is the heart of the manors and vineyards and famous wines that are drunk all over the world. You will have a free half day to explore this town and taste the wines and discover the 3 story underground wine cellars built underneath the town.

Bordeaux – enjoy free day in one of France’s most beautiful cities, get to know the french city culture without the hassle and stress of Paris in a more “human scale city. Walk the cobble stoned streets, have a coffee at an outdoor café, go shopping in one of the numerous original boutiques.

Local market of Saint Foy la Grande – the french people’s voted “favorite outdoor market” in France, enjoy the lively atmosphere and the numerous stands of fresh veggies, fruits, cheeses, breads, flowers, honey, and even live chickens, clothing, jewlery and other stands. Many organic small farmers sell their produce here. Rest at an outdoor café to have a tea or a coffee in the middle of the market .

Village de Pruniers – welcome to the bhoudiste vietnamese monastery. They open their monastery to visitors one day a week for mindfulness day, where we will meditate with them, receive a teaching, go on a mindful mediative walk and eat a shared meal in silence. Truly an experience which touches one’s heart to be near the joy and peacefulness of these monks. (The yoga training supports Bhoudist teachings but does not consider itself Bhoudiste)

Nature walks – we will be near by the beautiful Dordogne river, lined with lush nature and forest. Part of the training will be in the nature and includes meditative walks.


6 day yoga retreat and outings: 1500 euros* (airfare not included)

Reserve now $500 non- refundable deposit/ 465 euros

The price includes :

3 organic vegetarian catered meals per day (except for 3 lunches where we will be on a visit)

All transport to outings

Free wine tasting and manor visit

4 hours of yoga and meditative practices per day

Accomodation : 7 nights stay in a double/ triple room in Saint Méard de Gurçon (bed and breakfast to be defined shortly – please contact me for details)

The price does not include :

3 lunches during outings

transport to/from Bordeaux (we can pick you up 25 euros each direction)


reservations and questions with Carly :

Reserve now $500 non- refundable deposit/ 465 euros