Movement and improvisation based physical theatre performance labs


Movementality ? tell me more…

Moving is part of life, yet we know very little about how the way we move expresses as much as our verbal language. In these labs, we will learn the body’s language and how to use it to communicate. We will also learn the art of corporeal improvisation where we let the impulses within move us and use physical theatre techniques to convey it to others.

Presence is a fundamental key which is the delicate space where creation is born and the ability to go beyond oneself is possible.

For who ? 

Novice or professional actors, dancers, musicians, environmentalists, activists, techies, nerds, etc…  who want to :

  • grow more body awareness
  • practice physical theatre and performing
  • develop their presence in public
  • explore multiple facets of themselves
  • learn to improvise and think creatively
  • learn to co-create 
  • dare to surprise themselves


You are invited :

February 22, 2019, a Friday from 7:00 – 9:00pm, offering a donation based tasting of Movementality at PLACE for sustainable living in Oakland, CA

Give your best self a try and I suggest not thinking too much about it

carlyko@ to chat or confirm your coming…


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When I perform I can play with all the parts of myself  that I don’t get to express in daily life. I get to be insane, mad, weird, sexy, vibrant, funny, ridiculous, outspoken, wild or anything I want to be. 

Our body tells us the secrets of our lives and through our bodies we express who we are.

When we draw, write, move, we create a mirror of ourselves and when we share it, we offer a gift to the world.

I am moved by beauty, authentic humanness and absurdity.

I dream of creating a space where we can all be the mad wonderful beings we are and share it through performance.


starlight show


Carly Ko (Facilitator)

She has :

performed for 20 years in Europe doing street performing, theatre and site specific shows based on movement, comedy, spoken word, circus, song and dance.

taught physical theatre to adults and children for 5 years near Bordeaux, France

written and directed various contemporary solo shows and collaborations.

been educated at Cesenatico Circus School and various clowning workshops in Italy

been educated with Theatre du Movement (movement theatre), Académie des Arts du Spectacle AIDAS (International academy of performance arts) and Les Arenas de Nanterre (circus school) in Paris, France.

She also has taught :

yoga, meditation and somatic movement and expressive arts therapy

(links to past works : (need flash) or