customised, intuitive, deep touch, tension release, reconnection

“Carly has just the right amount of touching pressure which she modifies depending on what part of the body she is  working. She is detailed and thorough, working on every part of the body from toes to scalp. That was the best massage I have ever received ! ” Rich Rusdorf

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As children we are constantly in need of touch as our skin is one of the biggest senses to receive information. As adults we are less and less touchy and depend on our significative other to nourish our needs.

My massage technique is a mix between therapeutic touch massage, intuitive and energetic healing.

Each client is different and each massage is different, you may need a warm, caring loving massage that gives the nurturing that your cells need, or you may need a deep penetrating massage that releases deep tensions and blockages.

By using my hands as energetic bridges, I help recreate connection between the body and the mind and bring consciousness into the areas of the body that are lacking it.


“Carly’s intuitive massage is a connection to the deep sacred. Her hands listen, search and untie knots. She doesn’t follow the protocol and allows the intuitive magic of her intuition to guide her hands. As a therapist in therapeutic conscious touch, it is wonderful to be able to allow oneself to be touched with the co-consciousness of where I am in my own practice.” Karine Maurer, Massage therapist, NLP, Access Bars® facilitator


Your massage can be received indoors or outdoors.

At a location of your choice Marin, Oakland, Berkeley or San Francisco 

60 minutes (160$) includes travel costs

90 minutes (200$) includes travel costs

At BIJA yoga studio (inner sunset)

90 minutes 160 $

contact me at (415) 717- 1971