Farm to Table Experience


A sensorial “field” trip into the fields of Big Mesa Farm. Learn to connect to the soil, awaken the senses, listen to a plant’s story, taste, harvest, make and share the experience of nourishment. 

10 am – 1pm Saturdays or Sundays

+ farm to table LUNCH included

+ and a harvest your own gift to take home

Watch a video from a farm to table event called me, you & dirt at the Big Mesa Farm…




Your Hosts :

Caymin – resident organic farmer since 7 years and founder of the Big Mesa Farm, she shares her deep knowledge of soil, planting, farming and her passion for healthy plants and the earth.


Carly – passionate about interconnection between people, the earth and oneself. She uses her experience of awareness and sensorial games to help people get a richer and deeper experience of the farm and nourishment.




75 $ each min. 4 – 6 people

50$ each 7 people or more

Reserve your group farm experience with Carly at

This event is for Big Mesa Farm Hip Camp guests only please book your tent stay HERE