Bars (my description)

Energy Healing Access Bars ® 


Access Bars is a technique that helps release deep subconscious blockages and points of view that we have installed in our subconscious memory from events in our lives, our parents or DNA or even past lives.

By placing my hands on 32 different points of the head, I stimulate electromagnetic connection between the points, that are related to different themes in life where we have developed points of view. (ex. money, power, sexuality, joy, peace, consciousness, etc…)

I use energetic clearing statements that are channeled through me during the session. These clearing statements help to energetically uncreate the seed of limited points of view that keep one from manifesting what they would like in their life.

When one comes out of the session, at worst they feel extremely relaxed, at best it may change their whole life. Generally people feel lighter after the session, during the next few days things seem to “flow” and often the right connection, situation just “by chance” seems to come into place.