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Carly Ko is the founder of Yoga Dance Nature. Carly offers :


KO-YOGA (Carly KO’s yoga) is about releasing and not stretching. It’s not about performance or doing those poses that look amazing and for extra-terrestrials. Everybody’s body is different so KO-YOGA is about listening to your body and learning how to work with it, not against it, to give you insight about yourself and to let go of deep muscular blockages.

One takes time to breath.  meditation

Releasing on a psychological and physical level gives great benefits.  Doing KO-YOGA relaxes the mind, tones the body and stimulates energy and strength. It prevents  sickness and disease and relieves back and muscular tension and pains.  It helps you reconnect with your true nature that is love, peace, joy and compassion.

Once we learn to take care of ourselves, we can offer the world the best of ourselves. 


Intuitive Massage

Our bodies need to be touched. As children we are constantly in need of touch as our skin is one of the biggest senses to receive information. As adults we are less and less touchy and depend on our significative other to nourish our needs. Massage is a part of life in many other countries of the world and unfortunately in western society is deemed as a luxury item.

Through massage, the skin and the muscles respond to the energy transmitted through the hands. Where the hands are placed, the cells open, the muscles relax and subconsciously one lets go.Through intuitive massage, your body relays information about tensions and areas that need attention and my hands become receptors responding to the needs of your body. 

Offering oneself, friend or loved one an intuitive massage is offering a privileged moment for relaxation, well being and self care. 


Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy

Every cell in our body has memory. Our body is a literal enciclopedia of our whole life. When we move we create body memory. Tensions and contractions are ways the body communicates sub-conscious blockages. repeating certain movements will evoke past events or metaphorical meaning.  When we move consciously and with deep awareness we can begin to recognise the flow of imagery and emotions that arise during certain movements. Each movement is lived differently by each individual person.

Our brains like to create habitual ways of looking at situations in life. We may approach the same difficulty in the same manner each time. Through movement, writing, drawing and the communication module we activate different areas of the brain to be able to piece the puzzle together and find resources for healing. 

Our body and our subconscious knows what it needs, but often we get in our own way. My role as a facilitator is to give tools and direction to help you liberate yourself from subconscious blockages that keep you from living life to its fullest extent.