_mg_2239KO-YOGA is about releasing and not stretching. It’s not about performance or doing those poses that look amazing and for extra-terrestrials. Everybody’s body is different so KO-YOGA is about listening to your body and learning how to work with it, not against it, to give you insight about yourself and to let go of deep muscular (and subconscious) blockages.

I am licensed in Hatha Yoga but have practiced 5 different kinds of yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bikram). I had taught yoga for about 5 years when I realised that people came to my classes, got a little more flexible, felt good after the class, were learning to breathe in daily life and had a couple good principles to help them accept their life situations. But it didn’t last, people still had to come in and do yoga every week or they would just fall back into the same stiffness, stress, etc.. as before.

So I realized, there must be a problem about how most yoga is taught or how one is practicing their yoga. I started delving more into psycho somatic work, free movement, shamanism, art therapy and sound healing. I discovered that our bodies are a literal auto-biography of our entire life. That pain in my lower back might be related to some conflict I have with my family, the pain in my neck to the responsibilities I’ve undertaken, or the stiffness in the back of my legs, because I am unable to go forward in my life, to name a few…

I realised that we have to learn to go deeply and consciously into our bodies and listen to them and love them for all the pains, stiffness and flabbiness  that they are. Only then can we start really communicating.

KO-YOGA will help you extend your yoga practice (if you have one) and teaches you to stop fighting your body’s resistances and listen to them ! Your body has alot to say. You can’t change anything about you permanently if you don’t fully understand and accept where you are now…. And that is not easy for most of us. But KO-YOGA will teach you how. The teaching is personal, down to earth, fun, spiritual, dynamic and relaxed.

Releasing on a psychological and physical level gives great benefits.  Doing KO-YOGA relaxes the mind, tones the body and stimulates energy and strength. It prevents  sickness and disease and relieves back and muscular tension and pains. It helps with relationships.  It helps you reconnect with your true nature that is love, peace, joy and compassion.

Once we learn to take care of ourselves, we can offer the world the best of ourselves. 


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