Nature Play

“What I like about your classes is your creativity. You give us the capacity to create, imagine, invent, and connect with others. By the end, I would say, you use your creativity to transform the world” Nora Kleinbub


  • How would the smell of the ocean breathe through your body ?
  • How would it feel to dig your hands in the ground ?
  • How would it be to yell and laugh as loud as you can ?
  • How would it be to have permission to be wild ?

Nature Play is a new exploration that delves into the heart of nature and play while contacting our own inner wildness. 

Using silent walking, sensorial nature contact, group games, voice, clownish play, and wildness exploration.

A 3 hour nature exploration that combines various techniques to allow the participant to contact his own nature through nature.

Awaken the wildness. 

Carly Ko guides using techniques from :

Mindfulness meditative walk (Plum Village, Tich Nath Than)

Clown Gestalt

Expressive theater

Somatic movement (Tamalpa, Kentfield)



joy tree

Your relationship to nature will never be the same.

Near Bolinas between the cliffs, the trees and the sea.

Half day outings on appointment only.
75 $ per person, minimum 4 people

Possibility to lodge in Bolinas at the Big Mesa Farm

Contact me for more information (415) 717-1971 or :