Frédérico revient.. peut-être ? le 7,8,9 Avril à Libourne

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Je joue mon spectacle soliste Frederico au Théâtre de l’Épinette à Libourne le ven. 7 à 20h30, sam. 8 Avril à 20h30, le dim. 9 Avril à 15h30. Theatre physique, danse, chant, tragi- comique. Ceci est un nouveau version depuis l’original crée en 2014, après 3 ans des amours, des amants, des joies, des chagrins… Durée 1 heure, tout public +10ans. 10 euros Réservations 06 21 82 64 06 Plus d’infos ICI + vidéo 

I play my solo show Frederico at the theatre de l’epinette in Libourne on Fri 7 and Sat 8 April at 8:30 pm and Sun 9 at 3:30 pm. It’s a new version from the 2014 original, after 3 years of love stories, lovers, joy and pain… 1 hour long. Physical theater, song, dance, tragi- comic. Public age 10+ , reservations 06 81 82 64 06 show is in French language more info on website + video


S’aligner par le mouvement et la voix

S’aligner par le mouvement et la voix 

sam.1 – dim. 2 AVRIL à Génissac 33420

Comment je peux être en accord avec moi-même pour mieux manifester ce que je souhaite dans ma vie ?

2 jours de stage avec moi-même et Ruth Bentley ! Elle est praticienne de voyages et massages sonores, musicienne et chanteuse et une bonne amie anglophone… oui elle parle français aussi !

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8 places maximum

Meditation on love

(This came to me while meditating as I asked questions about love) 
If you want someone to love you fully for who you are, you must learn to love yourself fully for who you are.

You my child with your fears, fragility and tender soul. Lay your head to rest in my arms and allow yourself to taste the essence of who you are. You search to be loved, to rest to be embraced in your whole being. How can you be embraced in you whole being if you cannot do the same? 

With your heart of glass and fire, may it beat to the tune of the universe. Oh my child my love is greater than you imagine, allow yourself to remember that you are loved and you merit to be loved as you are simply my child. A child does not have to perform or be something to be loved unconditionally. A child is. It’s being is pure love, as pure love is bestowed upon him by all who come in contact. You are my child, you are beautiful in your radiant, fragile, fearful, strong, doubtful, self. You search to be acknowledged by the person with whom you manifested pure love, you believe that this pure love is emanated from your union. You are simply allowing yourself to taste the mirror of yourself, yet you separate this essence and offer it to the other as if he was the only one who could offer it to you based on conditions. You attempt to meet all your imagined conditions to be worthy of this love. 

Love yourself without conditions and the mirror you receive will be the same.