Custom designed sessions

to connect, nurture and unite your body, mind and spirit.

Happy you’re here, I’m Carly…

This is what others have said about my services …


Carly has just the right amount of touching pressure which she modifies depending on what part of the body she is  working. She is detailed and thorough, working on every part of the body from toes to scalp. That was the best massage I have ever received ! “ Rich Rusdorf

Energy Healing

“Before the session, I was in a situation where I felt bad, out of place and judged for who I am. Thanks to Carly and her session, I was able to liberate myself from this weight and when I came out of the session, I felt much lighter, serene and with new trust in life ! “ Stephanie Peynaud Boniface


“The classes with Carly are always a pure pleasure for my body and spirit. If you have the opportunity to have a yoga lesson with Carly Ko, just stop thinking and go, it will be a lucky day for you ! ” Jerome Caillé

Creative Dance

“What I like about your dance classes is your creativity. You give us the capacity to create, imagine, invent, and connect with others. By the end, I would say, you use your creativity to transform the world” Nora Kleinbub



About Carly

” There is a great softness in your gaze and in your smile, so much depth that make me forget that the world of men can be cruel, in my opinion you are part of one of those rare beings that are profoundly kind and generous, your simple presence heals the heart… ” Patrice Manoevrier


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